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Pulaski County Library District

Patron Conduct Policy

General rules and code of conduct for the library

Patron Conduct Policy

These guidelines have been developed in order to protect library users’ right of access to library facilities and materials, to provide a safe environment for user and staff, to allow staff to provide essential services and materials, and to protect library resources and facilities from damage. In accordance with Missouri State Statutes and local ordinances, the library may exclude from the use of the library any and all persons who shall willfully violate such reasonable rules and regulations as the Library Board may adopt. Such exclusion shall occur on the orders of the
Director or his/her designee.
Patron behaviors that are prohibited on any library property include, but are not limited to:
1. Entering any area considered “Library Staff Only” without express invitation by a
member of library staff.
2. Any fight (verbal or physical), harassment, assault, and/or battery upon any person.
3. Any sexual harassment, including unwanted advances, of any person on library premises.
4. Loitering on library premises under circumstances which would reasonably warrant alarm for the health or safety of any person in the vicinity of the library premises, or under circumstances which in any manner interfere with regular library activities.
5. Any acts of stealing or larceny, including but not limited to, unauthorized taking of
PCLD property, property of any library facility, property of any patron of the library, or property of any staff person of the library.
6. Possessing on the Library premises a firearm, knife, or any other weapon of any kind, unless authorized by law.
7. Destroying, damaging, vandalizing, or defacing any property of a PCLD facility or any PCLD property, or property of any person.
8. Any indecent, obscene, or obviously obnoxious conduct, including but not limited to
profane, loud, abusive, aggressive, threatening, or obscene language or behavior.
9. Behaving, or allowing children to behave, in a disruptive manner.
10. Library staff assumes no responsibility for unattended children.
11. Refusing to vacate a library facility when asked and/or after regular operating hours.
12. Any lewd or lascivious activity, including making any indecent exposure of one’s person.
13. Smoking or use of tobacco products, e-cigarettes, or vapor cigarettes, alcohol, or any other illegal drugs in the library, and sales of the same.
14. Patrons obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol who are disruptive to library services will be asked to leave the premises.
15. Consuming food or beverages in the circulation areas of library buildings, unless
approved by library staff. Food use in the community rooms as part of a library program or with approval of library staff is allowed.
16. Misuse of library restrooms, to include theft of library property located in the restroom, bathing, shaving, or washing clothes.
17. Sleeping in the library.
18. Animals are not allowed in the library. Service animals are allowed, pursuant to ADA guidelines.
19. Appropriate attire is required, including, but not limited to, shirts and shoes.
20. Talking on cell phones is allowed, but must not be disruptive to staff or other patrons. Cell phones may not be used in speaker phone mode or at a loud volume (to include any ringtones) in the library.
21. Distributing or posting printed materials that have not been approved by the library.
22. Obtaining signatures for a petition, soliciting, or conducting surveys on library property.
23. Neglect of bodily hygiene to the extent that it causes offense and constitutes a nuisance to other patrons.
24. Littering.
25. Attending children’s focused programming or loitering in the children’s area of the
library when not accompanying a child, or without prior approval.
26. Any illegal acts or conduct in violation of Federal, State, or local law, ordinance, or

1. The library reserves the right to request that patrons open purses, briefcases, packages, or parcels if theft of library property is suspected.
2. Violation of any of these rules can result in loss of library privileges in time increments to be determined at the discretion of library management, up to and including permanent loss of library privileges.
3. Library staff will immediately contact law enforcement officials when deemed necessary or prudent. These examples of conduct are examples only and are not intended to be all inclusive or to be exclusive of other conduct or actions which would reasonably be found to be damaging to the maintenance of a safe and reasonably peaceable environment at all PCLD facilities, where such environment is required for the appropriate use of library facilities and materials by library patrons and for the proper carrying out by staff of their duties and obligations.

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